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Mini Plastic and Rubber Doll Toys

  • 33 pieces of assorted miniature doll toys in plastic and rubber, most unrelated to the others. Brightly colored, there are a few groups of the same items and a lot of individual ones. 

    Abacus (3)
    Bucket with metal handle, in red
    Cinderella's yellow and red pumpkin coach 
    Cooking pan of eggs
    Five pink plates and single cup, made in Hong Kong
    Flower in pot
    Grey guard house , made in England
    Hairbrushes, made of rubber (3)
    Ice cream cone
    Locomotive train car in yellow
    Pitcher in white
    Racing car in red
    Sitting baby
    Tennis racket in white
    Toothbrushes, made of rubber (4)
    Whistles (2)
    Measuring spoons (2 white in grams; 1 grey)
    White baseball