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Hi & Many Thanks for any help you can provide.

I have a singed perfume bottle by D'Orsay.  Can send photos if needed, but dunno if they will help more than my words right now...?

It it is unquestionably Art Deco, stands at 5" high and has its original front label: 




A B C 

PARIS ALFRED D'ORSAY (signature in script) FRANCE

There is also a moulded mark the the glass bottle base:  D'ORSAY  FRANCE  It has a chrome metal screw top. The top of the bottle is also moulded in screw form to take this.

As far as I can tell (during many years of research) this is an undentified bottle by D'Orsay.  Therefore any help is welcome.

I can find NO records at all of the eau de cologne: ABC

It is certainly a D'Orsay inhouse perfume bottle.

It has not been made for any other perfumery but their own! 

It continues to baffle me...   ... Pleeeeze, has anybody got any views or ideas? 

Best to You All, Classy Glass

... Oh, I am hopeless with computers and so please be patient if photographs are requested.

It may take me several  months to provide!  :-)


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