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Interesting!  Hopefully this is good news.  It makes me sad to think that the original mastermind behind Etsy will no longer be running the show, but I'm new to the site and there seems to have been a lot of unhappy sellers as of late, so I suppose it might be for the best.  Thanks for the links!

I am a very happy seller and buyer on Etsy and am literally sick at the thought of what life without Rob will be like. I have never had nor seen one VALID complaint about Etsy.


sign up for tweets from auctionbytes. ina is a doll and retweets too.

the way i see it is a bunch of cry babies gave the "investor" and the board enough of an excuse to dump on one of the only decent people left in business. really he could have sold us all out years ago. rather than take the money and run like Pierre Omidyar he put his money where his heart and mouth are.


thanks for the links.


I have your glass shop on Etsy already hearted.

Looking forward to having you back there with new stuff.


As far as the news, I am going to wait to see how this all shakes out.

I am hoping for the best, I have some things I would love to see implemented there.


Stay cool all.




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