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Hi, all!  I am going to Europe next week for 19 days (Oct. 13 - Oct. 31) and I have never had to put my Etsy shop in vacation mode before now.  I have been reading the forums researching how to go about it, and read that some people advise against re Google/SEO purposes, saying  that the shop is completely out of the loop during that time it takes a wee while to begin to get views, etc. once you return.  Unfortunately (or fortunately;) I will have no access to a computer whilst I am away, so if this is the case, items cannot be sold/shipped until I return.

One question I have is how soon before I leave do I do put my shop on vacation?  Since I am leaving next Thursday, I was thinking of doing this on say, Tuesday?--just in case I may sell something before I leave?

Any advice or tips from fellow Etsians who have done this would be most appreciated!:)

Thanks very much,




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First of all, lucky you! Europe for 19 days?!!  Take me with you ~ I'll carry  your luggage!

And, quite honestly, I wouldn't place my shop in Vacation Mode.

You'll be gone for 19 days ... I'm assuming that you'll be able to comment/respond to shop activity on the 20th day, November 1st.

I had my Etsy shop "down" for a little more than 2 weeks when I relocated house & home from Maryland to New Jersey ~ no computer at all. No access to the shop items to pack and ship them, if they sold.

I was very clear in my shop announcement that I would be unable to respond/ship but that they were certainly welcome to browse/buy. I'll have to go back and check my sold listings for that time, but I do know I sold some items, none of my customers were confused about the time frame, and none were upset with the delay.

Yes, I know I was probably fortunate, but I was prepared for someone not reading carefully and wanting a refund and being unhappy having to wait ... but it didn't happen.

Honestly, the SEO downside risk is not worth it. Weigh both sides. Do what will give you peace of mind.

... and have fun in Europe, you lucky!!

xo karen

Pawsome, thanks Karen!!  Yes, we will be barging in the Camargue and then renting a cottage in Italy on Lake Como, with stops in between:)  I am hoping to pick up a few treasures along the way, if there is any moolah left;)!

I will, then, make clear via announcements in my shop that I will be incommunicado for that time period w/no access to a computer, and should something sell, it will be delayed until Nov. 1st!  

Thanks so much for this info!!  :)



Be sure to put the announcement in the note buyers get when they purchase an item on your shop. This way if they miss seeing the announcement they will get it thru convo and email if they buy. I put my shop on vacation once and will never do it again. It impacts seo and they can't even get into your listings just to look.  I also had to deactivate and activate everything in my shop upon return so it would be in Google shopping again!


Have fun!


yep ... 19 orders with 30 items. I was fortunate for the sales and fortunate for my understanding customers. 

Just be certain you phrase it very clearly in your shop announcement and in your Sales Response your customer receives when they purchase.

Honest. I think you'll be fine doing that.

oooOOOOoooo lake como!! you must bring back lots and lots of photographs. No swimming, though. Sadly, it's pretty polluted. Take the ferry around the lake ... there are lots of stops (shopping!! yay!!)

The one thing we wanted to do but weren't able to was cooking lessons ... I cannot remember the restaurant name. Probably just as well. If I learned to cook the things we enjoyed there, we'd both be as big as houses!

enjoy your time, dear! xo

Thanks for the "note to buyers" tip, Joyce!  Wow, Karen, those sales figures were great!  

Photographs will abound:)  We've been to France/Italy many times, but not since 2007.  Not looking forward to all the new regulations but;)   We have stayed in Stresa and in Bellagio before and will be traveling around on the ferry, I am sure!  For years I have been wanting to rent a place where we can get a feel for living in one place, and cooking, meeting the locals, etc....:)  

Thanks so much for the advice, it is very truly appreciated!!!  I feel much better now!



Yes, I agree. I recently was away for two weeks (also to Europe!) and read this old posting before I left, which was so helpful:

I put the info on my banner, in my shop announcement, on the response that automatically goes out to the buyer when something is purchased, and I did a global edit to all my listings through Craftopolis, so that it was mentioned at the end of each item description. It was a lot of work and when you return, you have to change it all, but it was worth it, as I made more sales then than I have since I returned! This way, if there are any complaints, you can point to all these announcements.

Just be careful if you use Craftopolis, not to erase your current description. It's tricky, so read it carefully and do one listing first to be sure you did it correctly and then one section at a time.

I had no complaints at all--one person needed her item soon after I returned, but I made sure to mail it immediately and she received it in time.

Hope this helps too.

Have a great time!

How soon you put your shop on vacation before you leave can be determined by what's the last date you want to deal with shipping before you leave. The last two times I have left town on a Monday, so I put my shops on vacation Friday night so that any sales could be packed and shipped Saturday morning.

I have had trouble with my shop hits after returning from vacation - but there hasn't been any rhyme or reason to it - one of my shops got sales and hits almost immediately after turning off Vacation Mode, my other shop, a week later, is still struggling for hits.

The peace of mind I got from knowing my shops were tucked in with no impatient customers was valuable to me.

Have a great vacation!




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