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I just noticed that some of my items have migrated to the Back Room without my assistance.  I noticed it first in my Ruby Plaza shop - about 7 or 8 items.  When I checked Ruby Lane there were 2 there as well.  Has anyone else had this happen?  Any idea why it might happen?

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Possibly a popular item and when they reach a certain number of hits like 50 this will happen. 

Not the ones in Ruby Plaza. I've been neglecting that shop and most of my items haven't been getting a lot of views.  I've got things in Ruby Lane that have had a lot more hits than 50 and this hasn't happened to them.  Also, I thought that if you accepted the default that it was supposed to be unlimited?

This sort of thing has been happening to me for years no matter what I select (unlimited views, keep item in your shop). I just roll with it and put the items back in my shop when I notice.

When I first opened my shop, I didn't realize about the item views or time frame for things going into my backroom.  Once I figured it out, I put everything on unlimited.  And it's been fine, for six years.  Until the last month or so, when things have been mysteriously showing up in my backroom.  Like Jen, I've just put them back in my shop, but it's interesting to hear that it's been an issue with other shop owners as well.  

I put a thread in the private forum Shopkeepers Corner here about Google changes. Possibly related to the transition that will be happening soon. 

Please read and comment. Sandy

Well, at least it's not just me.  I always put my items on unlimited views and I haven't had any problems until recently.  I guess I will just have to keep an eye on things and keep putting them back.  

Watch when you modify your items because the limits are different and already chosen for you with only a few months given before it is put in the backroom. You can change the setting that nothing happens once the time frame is up too not just the time period.

You can do a Power update to be on the safe side for all of your items.

I really, really think this whole thread has to do with the upcoming Google changes and making any of our items viable on the  internet. 

I am very concerned about what will happen on March 1st and the capability of me doing my business online. 

60 different sites will be affected if I am to understand and wish someone with simple terms could explain it more. 

I may be completely off target when it comes to RL but as an exclusive dealer I am thinking and hoping this is part of their planning ahead. If so I am extremely grateful. 


I also am wondering how or if my VV will be affected with the Google changes. 

I have to keep a close watch on Ruby Plaza, because my items go to the Backroom for no reason at all.    This has been happening for quite a long time.    I simply move them back to my shop, but it is annoying.

For some reason it seems to be more of a problem with Ruby Plaza than Ruby Lane.  When I checked this morning there were 3 in Ruby Plaza, 1 in Ruby Lane that had migrated.  I don't have that many items in Ruby Plaza.  

This has happened to me since I've been on RL. I figured I just hadn't noticed that the instruction to move to the backroom after yaya time had been selected. It had been happening more lately, so I did a power update on everything to instruct to leave things in the shop. I haven't had another surprise backroom visitor since I did that.

One thing I did notice is that even though I always set my items to unlimited views, if you move an item from RL to RP it changes it to 50 views unless you explicitly change it back.  I cannot imagine why they would select that as a default value.  



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