Looking for Puzzle Pieces


You will often hear me say how amazed I am when   you are   given the insight to see how life’s puzzle pieces fit together some days.  As some of you may know my puzzle pieces have not been going together very well.  You might say that my thousand piece puzzle box fell off of the table and on to the floor and I have yet to find all of the pieces.  The story has to do with computers, websites,   selling on line and incompetent people.   So to begin my story I am going to start at the almost end. The story has been happening   in the last three months and   I have decided to tell you about the plus’ and blessings of it all. 

1-      Knowledge is power and I have learned large quantities of information on people, computers, the marketplace, big business and computer programs.

2-      “If you open it, people will buy”.  It may not be in huge quantities of items but enough to keep the doors open.  It did help to have holidays in the time frame.

3-      Finding a computer tech   who is honest, wise, helpful and willing to work with a novice computer owner is worth a million dollars.  I wish I had it to give him!

4-      Reading and following” how to”   business sites and setting up an emergency fund as was suggested for my business was a real blessing.  It may be empty now but it has been a great help with much needed purchases.

5-      External hard drives or offsite storage companies are worth the money.  When trouble hits your computer or your system it can really help.  Just remember you have to schedule downloads or consistently remember to do it yourself.  Don’t procrastinate but rather react right now if you haven’t set it up.

6-      Invest in an antivirus for your computer and make sure you   accept the updates.  You never know when you may get a very important message because you updated your software.  Things change way too fast for you to keep yourself up to date on your own.  Having it can save your computer!

7-    As you work on your business keep organizing and reorganizing your data so you can find things in an easy fashion.  The time spent on it weekly will pay off if disaster hits.  Be wise, organize.

8-      Lastly meeting and making new friends on line some say can be risky and dangerous but not if you get to know them on “The Vintage Village”.  They are not just a name in space but kind, concerned, helpful   on line friends who genuinely care about “one missing piece” of the Vintage Village community.  What an awesome gift to have!

My puzzle box has a nice picture on it of me working at my computer selling like crazy.  The puzzle is partly together and I would   love to see it completed sometime soon.  It was a blessing that I found some pieces on the floor but there is still more to do.  More blessings will come when I find   all of them.  Now where is that missing piece……  hmmmm…

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