Oh The Shame of it All

Admitting I'm a Backseat Driver

This is really hard for me to do, because after all my life is at stake when someone else is driving right? It all began when we lived in Austin, Texas. One day upon returning from a business trip our dear friends Vickie & Larry picked us up at the airport. On our way home I was presented with a present in a large envelope. Inside was a pamphlet of materials, a manual, which I was told to 1) read, and then 2) answer all questions in the back of the pamphlet which in reality was BACKSEAT DRIVERS TEST. Oh the humility of it all!!! Me a backseat driver, never, I just value my life and want to protect it at all costs.

Well while they laughed and carried on, I began with my assignment. I was asked the questions, I answered them and then was promptly presented with an Official Backseat Driver’s License shown here. I laughed but secretly I really didn’t believe it. Oh no not me, no way…meLicense

I sit before you now with my right hand in the air saying…” I Laura Dickson…..sigh…sigh am a backseat driver….hanging my head now. Recently my husband and I went on a little vacation to the mountains of North Western Maryland. The trip was approximately 3 ½ hours from our home in York, PA. Dave, my hubby, decided that he wanted to start off doing the driving so we packed up our SUV and took off.

I learned two things on this vacation of ours 1) I’m turning into my mother and 2) yes, I’m a backseat driver. We proceeded to drive to Deep Creek Lake, MD 3 1/2 hour trip each way, did I mention that already? It seemed longer but anyway we took back roads mostly that were so scenic it brought tears to your eyes. Dave drove all that way, which is a big deal to us since his eyes aren’t what they used to be (which weren’t very good to start with lol). Anyway he kept hitting those d*mn reflective strips on the yellow and white lines on the road. Every time he did I said “Dave move over, stay in the middle” or something to that effect.

Towards the very end of the trip to the mountains, I said to Dave…I’m going to do something I thought I would never do with you. Oh he said, peeking his interest…I said yes, “I’m going to close my eyes and nap for a few minutes before we get there”. Oh how deflated he looked.  So I closed my eyes…sure enough a few minutes passed then bumm bummm buuummmp again!! I opened my eyes and burst into uncontrollable laughter. Well Dave just looked at me like I was nuts as I was crying I was laughing so hard. When I could finally talk I said…You are not going to believe what I ALMOST said to you just now. He said what? I almost said…. “NOW DON’T MAKE ME PULL THIS CAR OVER!!!” LMAO

I remember my mother using those exact words to threaten us kids when we were fighting or acting up in the back seat of the car while she was driving. SO HELP ME I can’t deny it anymore, fine…I’m a Backseat Driver and darn proud of it!  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


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