Vintage Emmons Jewelry, who knew?

Did anyone out there know that Emmons Jewelry was created in 1949 by Charles Stuart?  The same guy who created Sarah Coventry?  Charles Stuart created Sarah Coventry after his daughter, and later created Emmons Jewelry Co. in honor of his wife, Caroline Emmons Stuart.

Apparently, Emmons Jewelry was also sold in the home party sales division, as was Sarah Coventry.  The pieces were priced slightly higher than S. Coventry.  The marks started in 1955 and the doors finally closed in 1981.  

To this day, the pieces are more rare and harder to find.  Prices can be higher than the S. Coventry but both jewelry lines have quality and can be found and look brand new...

L@@K at my Emmons brooch I posted tonight in the MY PHOTOS section !!  If you dare, I also have a S. Coventry brooch listed in my jewelry section at BWs Vintage Collectibles....comparatively speaking, they are both beautiful even if Vintage...they definitely define Mid-Century too.

Take care and happy hunting,

Brenda        BWs Vintage Collectibles


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