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Vintage Fenton stays 'all wrapped up' in Las Vegas/Henderson

As I was icing down my lower back and hip areas from over-extending myself during a recent move, I felt kinda down.  Here I was, with boxes still yet to unpack, my newly ordered shelving is at the big retail store staring with "W", my towels are not organized but intermingled blues with golds with greens with cheetah prints....the thought came to me, "some people would call this done".  I do have a dilemma!   Do I keep the Vintage Fenton Milk Glass, Fenton French Opalescent, Silver Crest Comport, Rosenthal Krister in the bubble wrap?  After all, it needs to be wrapped before I can send it to a buyer.  What about my other items, such as Corelle platters in Winding Gate or Quilt pattern?  both at 12 1/4".  My Peony Time cereal bowl or Pyrex Friendship bowl?  what to do with it?  Wrap or unwrap?  Items such as my Kewpie figurine, my Mares and foals set, or an old favorite 1963 Michelle from Harmony House #3653 and Blue Fleur ca 1990 Corelle Salad Plates...have always been in bubble wrap.  As I was contemplating what to unwrap or to keep wrapped, and feeling overwhelmed.....and as I AM writing this blog, my son walks in (he's 22 yrs old) and says he just arrived with more of my virtual collectibles store items.....geeeeeeesh, now, they are lined up again in my already unpacked living room.....and I switch the ice from my back to my head.  This move is never going to end.  I am living a nightmare of porcelain and history.....Kewpie figurines staring at me through bubble wrap....Thank goodness I put the stuffed animals in the closet.

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