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Longevity of Lifes Best Wishes Series Plate by Boehn

  • Longevity is the first plate in the Life's Best Wishes series from The Edward Marshall Boehm Studios.  Limited edition of 15,000 plates worldwide offered in 1982.  The Life's Best Wishes collection is a series of four plates honoring Chinese art and symbolism which has influenced the world for 3,500 years.  Made of fine Bone China and trimmed in 24 karet gold, the Longevity fine porcelain plate features the Crane and Pine Tree.  These two important Chinese symbols represent longevity and long life.

    This plates measures about 10 1/2 diameter and comes with its original box and protective foam sleeve along with all the paperwork received with the plate.  The front of the plate is marked Boehm and the back of the plate is marked with the information about the plate.



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