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Brewing Company Advertising Calendar with Mermaids

  • This is an early 1900's calendar print for The J&M Haffen Brewing Company from New York. It shows a ship in the distance with two mermaids in the foreground. The brewing company was in business from approximately 1856 to 1917. The name of the company is also shown on the barrel that the brunette mermaid is resting on. The blonde haired mermaid is holding a liquor bottle and a glass raised in the air. The ship has "New York" on the side.

    It is in a deep carved walnut and gold frame, with older glass, a cardboard backing, with a wire for hanging.

    Size: The frame measures approximately 17 1/4" tall and 15 1/4" wide. It is 2" deep. The opening in the back measures approximately 12 1/4" tall and 10 1/4" wide.


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