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The Dancing Lesson Vintage Print by Toby Rosenthal

  • This is a vintage sepia print signed in the plate at the lower left by the American artist Toby Rosenthal. Although the title does not show, it is called The Dancing Lesson of Our Grandmothers. It shows a fiddler dancing with a lovely woman, while others watch. Under the artist's signature, but a little difficult to read, is Munich 1887. The artist Tobias Edward Rosenthal (1848-1917) was known for his historical genre pieces.

    It is in a wide dark wood frame with glass, and a wood backing (in two pieces). It had no wire, so I did add a hanging wire when I first purchased it.

    Size: The frame measures approximately 15" tall and 21" wide. The opening in the back measures approximately 11 1/2" by 17 1/2".


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