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Antique Pink Floral Glass Bead Purse

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    This vintage purse is adorned with very bright tiny glass beads in colors of vibrant pink, soft lavender, light green, ecru, tan, and black.

    The metal frame is silver in color. The metal chain is in perfect condition.

    It's clever design allows you to hang it from your wrist and still be able to open it without it falling wide open... the chain is attached across each side. (One end is attached to the front, one is attached to the back.)

    The flower pattern is exactly the same on both sides. The interior is in tack with only minor damage for an item this old and this well used.

    The round design has an edge to it (like a thick pillow) I took photos of it filled and unfilled so you can see what I am referring to.

    The beading is about 90% in tact... there are some slightly loose beads that are turned on edge, but still secure.

    It is 5 1/2" at its widest point, and almost 11" in length from the top of chain to the bottom of the purse.

    This is a stunning purse! Very feminine

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