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Art Deco Glass Long Neck Bud Vase

  • ON SALE! Was $165

    This Stunning vase has been in my family for years, I can trace it back to 1920 as a gift given to an Aunt. The vase is a very unusual blue, almost deep slate blue but yet with tones of violet depending on the light.

    There is a narrow black bead of glass that rises above the ridged fluted glass design. The glass is clear as you can see on the feet... but the inside is a frosted blue "coating" not sure what it is though.

    It seems to be part of the glass, it could be some kind of fused paint as there is a satin finish.

    The vase has been WELL used for almost 100 years and the color has never faded or chipped so it must be fused into the glass itself.

    - Height is 12"

    - Base of Vase is 3 &1/2" wide with a fairly straight neck and a slight flare at the lip.

    - No makers marks

    - There are three chips on the feet, but only one is noticeable, the other two you would have to pick and look closely for. There is a minor scratch above the big chip.

    As with any well loved antique item this is not in perfect condition but the flaws are very minor and will serve as a beautiful focal point for any room of the house or on display in a hutch.

    Contact me with any questions! :) I will not accept any return on this item. If you need more images, let me know... :)


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