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Stone Marten Fur Stole Vintage

  • Ultra luxurious vintage, stone marten triple, full pelt boa complete with heads and tails.

    The base coat is downy soft with the longer guard hairs having a gorgeous sheen. The gloss on this vintage Stone Marten stole just incredible.

    This vintage boa is three full pelts complete with tails, heads and feet. Tiny, glass eyes have been set into each Stone Marten. This is quite obviously a high end piece of history.

    Fur stole has been constructed with two pelts attached side by side to cascade down the front of you with the single pelt draped across the back of your neck and hanging down beside the two attached pelts in the front.

    This vintage fur boa was the height of refined glamour and elegance. Only the upper echelon could have ever afforded Stone Marten.

    Stone marten fur is extremely soft, in fact, it is softer and longer than mink fur with a great likeness to Russian Sable. Stone martens have an orange or yellow throat patch, if it does not have a throat patch than it is not marten.

    The second picture was taken outside in natural light and shows the true color of this fur. The wind was blowing the stole around and I was unable to capture more images because the wind picked up too much.

    I do not find evidence of dry rot, shedding and there is no odor associated with this vintage fur boa.

    Vintage fur boa measures 65" end to end.


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