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Yves Saint Laurent Silk Scarf Huge

  • Authentic designer vintage YSL, Yves Saint Laurent silk scarf in a huge size.

    The hems are all hand rolled and show no evidence of wear.

    Vintage designer silk scarf is huge, measuring 48" X 48" X 48" X 48", that's 4 feet square!

    The pattern on this YSL silk scarf is one of flowers. vines and if you look closely, you will see a bird scattered throughout the image.

    When one considers the fact that a new YSL silk bandana scarf measuring 35"X35" costs $645.00 USD today, it is easy to see the value in the price of this vintage YSL which is larger, less expensive and a rare find indeed....think about it, where else have you seen a vintage YSL scarf like this one? Be different and wear a YSL that your friends don't have.....and can't get their hands on either because it is no longer in production.

    Nothing will prepare you for the reality of authentic YSL silk, for it is truly otherworldly. It flows like water cascading over a cliff, so powerful and yet so delicate. Its strange how strong silk is and yet how soft. It is an amazing fabric and I adore it ever so much.

    This silk scarf is so big that you could wear it as a shawl or a wrap, its very versatile.

    Shipping includes tracking and insurance, for your protection and mine.


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