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Antique Limoges Biscuit Jar Hand Painted Berries Signed Dated 1

  • Antique Limoges hand painted biscuit jar, signed by the artist in 1905.

    Antique 1905 Limoges biscuit jar has been painstakingly hand painted by an artist whose skill is evident by the color palette chosen, the blending of the colors, the creation of depth, shadows and contrast.

    Antique Linoges biscuit jar features an explosion of deep berries shadowed by those gorgeous flowers that seem to be at once the focus and yet the background.

    The artist was very talented indeed, just look at the attention to detail; the veining in the leaves, the thorns protruding from the the branches and the stamens on the flowers. I am truly surprised that this piece of antique porcelain wasn't created by an Old World Master.

    Trimmed in gold, the finial displays age appropriate wear as do the high points on this piece. I can feel a teensy flea bite on the outer gilded edge although, I cannot see it (mentioned for complete accuracy) and one previous touch up to the outer edge.

    Absolutely free of cracks and spider fractures.

    The artists name and the date 1905 have been painted just under the rim on this piece of stunning artwork.


    Height 7"

    Width 6"

    Circumference at the base 18"

    Shipping includes tracking and insurance for your protection and mine.

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