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Nippon Bowl Blue Jay Hand Painted

  • Brightly colored, hand painted blue jay on the branch of an acorn tree adorns this Morimura Bros. Nippon bowl.

    Nippon bowl measures 7" across and stands 2 3/8" tall and bears the Morimura Bros. backstamp in green.

    A solitary, male blue jay has been painstakingly hand painted, detail, by tiny detail. Each brush stroke is visible on the birds feathers. His tiny feet cling to a branch on an acorn tree. The acorns themselves, have been painted with fantastic detail into the inside rim of the bowl. Shadow trees appear in the background, giving this Nippon porcelain bowl a sense of depth.

    The exterior of this Morimura Bros. Nippon bowl has features more acorns and leaves.

    The colors are bright and vibrant and this would make a lovely gift for the Nippon collector in your life.

    I do not find fault with this Nippon bowl. Free of chips and cracks.

    Shipping includes tracking, for your protection, and mine.

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