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Antique Brooch Limoges Portrait Queen Louise of Prussia

  • Miniature hand painted antique brooch, portrait of Queen Louise of Prussia on a Limoges blank.

    Circa 1890-1901.

    This exquisite piece began as a transfer and then was hand painted, giving it a very lifelike look. The highly skilled artist artist has used a turquoise blue background on the lower portion with the top portion being pale yellow fading to white.

    Queen Louise is wearing a light colored gown with raised enamel highlights and a flowing head scarf with raised enamel highlights.

    The antique Limoges blank is mounted on a brass backing and set with eight prongs, this piece of porcelain jewelry is exquisite in every way.

    The old "C" clasp functions perfectly. The pin is sharp, has a bit of a "wave" in it, is smooth, not pitted and shows no signs of rust.

    This is a large brooch with a commanding presence and it is stunning!


    2 1/2" tall

    1 1/2" wide

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