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Antique Limoges Pitcher Apples

  • Outstanding JPL Limoges France pitcher or jug hand painted with outstanding luscious apples on a dark green background.

    A very talented Victorian artist has skillfully and realistically painted lush, freshly ripened apples upon this antique, stout, Limoges porcelain pitcher.

    The artwork is very well executed, so well done that I am shocked that this piece is not signed by an old world master. In particular, note the brush strokes which give texture to the red apples and the fine veining in the leaves.

    The depth on this piece is just amazing, you truly have to see it in real life to fully appreciate the quality of the painting. The shadows, the color palette, the definition...truly breathtaking.

    The gold rim is 100% intact and I find absolutely no fault with this piece of antique Limoges.


    Height 6" Width 9" Circumference 22 1/2"

    Bears the J.P.L. France mark in green under the glaze.


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