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Florentine No. 1 Green Depression Glass Ashtray Set OF Two

  •  found these two little ashtrays at an Estate sale awhile back. I knew they were depression glass, but didn't know the name of the pattern or maker. Later, I discovered them to be Florentine No. 1 made by the Hazel-Atlas Company in the years 1932-1934. Furthermore, it is unusual to find pieces of Florentine No. 1 in good condition, like these two are. It is because Florentine 1 has a decorative rim and Florentine 2 is plain. It seems that the decorative rim is more fragile. 
    Because these two little ashtrays are only 3.75 inches across, the above may not be such an issue.

    I am offering these two for the price of one or rather, the price quoted for one from a well known book about depression glass.

    There are no chips on either one of these ashtrays. There are no cracks, either. One, however, has a yellowish line about an inch long inside the glass. You can not feel it from either side. I have held it up to the light and it just appears to be a yellowish line.

    See more photos by following the link below to my Etsy shop.


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