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Reverse Painted Glass Cocktail Tray Blue Windmill Dutch Scene S

  • This unique cocktail tray could also serve as wall art. It is signed by the artist J Stevenson.
    Two Dutch people walk along a canal path. She is carrying buckets of milk on a wood shoulder carrier and he is walking beside her conversing with her. There are two windmills in the background and Dutch homes along the canal. All are done in the delph blue of Holland. 
    There is no other marking besides the signature of J Stevenson. I think the wood frame is bamboo or at least simulated bamboo. It could use a bit of polish. The glass inset is the reverse painting set inside the bamboo frame. The tray met with water on the back side some time back, as there are old water stains there. The front shows no water problems and is bright with no cracks or nicks. It is a sturdy feeling tray and could easily carry filled glasses to guests. 
    The measurements of this tray are:
    18.5 inches in length including the handles of the frame
    15.5 inches in length inside the wood frame
    Nearly 9 inches in width including the frame
    Nearly 8 inches in width inside the wood frame

    See more view of this reverse painted cocktail tray by following the link to my Etsy shop


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