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Blue Ceramic Seahorse Family Set of Three Mid Century Wall Art

  • This family would look great swimming on your bathroom wall. Papa, mama and baby are differing shades of blue ceramic. They have that wonderful mid century look to add interest and pizzazz to your home decor, especially in the bath or boudoir. 
    There are no chips or cracks or even paint chips that I can find, except on the back of the mama seahorse. Doesn't show from the front, of course. These three are in very good vintage condition. There are no makers marks. There might have been a sticker at one time but it's gone now. They each have a hole in the back for hanging. Baby seahorse may need a bit of tape or clay to hold onto the hook.

    Papa measures 10.5 inches long by 4 inches wide
    Mama is 6.5 long by 2.5 wide
    Wee baby is 3.25 long by 1.5 wide

    Seahorses are getting popular and therefore, hard to find. I think this set is just darling.

    For more views of this family of seahorses, please follow the link to my Etsy shop.


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