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3-Way 8 x 10 Metalcraft frame with Ava Gardner and Mina Freeman

  • Metalcraft frames were made so well in the mid century years. They were guaranteed not to tarnish,. Pus the hinges always work very well. They were usually displayed with the portraits of movie stars in them and this one is no exception, with Ava Gardner in two outside spots and Mina Freeman in the center. These portraits are on thin paper, not photographic paper. Still, I think they are collectible. 

    This is a stand alone 3 way 8 x 10 photo frame made by Metalcraft. 
    Measurement from the outside is 25 inches across and 10-.5 inches down. It folds to the center on one side only because of the depth of the frame. Each frame has an 8x10 piece of glass in it.

    To see more views, or to purchase this frame, please follow the link provided to my Etsy shop.


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