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Large Oriental Wedding or Food Basket Copper Clasp Round Rustic

  • Beautiful old Oriental basket most probably a wedding basket that held wedding gifts for the bride and groom.
    Unfortunately, I can't be sure if it was designed to be a wedding basket or some type of food storage basket. Maybe even a sewing basket.

    I know that it is very old and very unique. Purchased at an Estate sale, they didn't have any information about it. It looks very rustic, to me, and would blend perfectly in today's Farmhouse Decor. I love the round shape and the old copper clasp. It open perfectly into a large clean space. The lid it held on with a stiff leather ribbon so that when opened the lid remains up and down and does not come off. The handle is braided wicker that has been stained and lacquered to make it durable. There is a round crosshatch wicker design, then a piece of 1 inch wide wood, then a lapped wicker design and last, another band of wood where the copper clasp attaches and also the top of the copper hinge on the back. Whew. I have just described the lid. 


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