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Freeform Art Planter, Halderman Made in California Pottery, Cal

  • This rare Turquoise low sided flower bowl is a freeform art design with leaves coming up and bending over to form the edges of the vase. Reminds me of a pond.

    Stunning with floating flowers, or used with an arrangement on the dining table and especially nice at a Flower Show.

    Virgil K. Haldeman's Caliente line operated from 1933 to 1941, then started up again in 1947 through 1953. This vase may be from the later period because of the mark on the bottom which is so faint I can barely read it and my camera simply will not pick it up. The later period low bowls, baskets, etc. weren't marked well. If a mold was overused, these markings were faint and almost unreadable, as this one is. However, I can make out some of the letters of Caliente and ma and below that, Calif. 

    This low vase measures 11 inches long by 6 across at the widest and 5" across in the center. I find no chips or cracks. There is a small paint rub on one leaf almost at the pointy end of the leaf. There are a few tiny specks that are factory glaze misses. It has been used for flower arrangements and has some staining up under the leaves but not in the center. 

    This is an exciting piece of California Pottery and a great collectors item.



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