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Art Deco Demi Parure Jewelry Set Vintage 1940s Damascene

  • Art Deco Damascene Jewelry Set Vintage 1940s Bracelet Necklace Earrings Moorish Arabesque

    Absolutely gorgeous Art Deco demi parure jewelry set. Gold, mint green and black ornate damascene balls, hollow and lightweight, but fancy and ornate with Deco designs. The demi parure set includes a necklace, bracelet, and drop screwback earrings. Some mild wear to some of the balls, but a very old, almost antique, set very hard to find together as a demi parure.

    Necklace has 16 balls with length of chain in between each and a longer length of chain with clasp for secure around the neck as desired. 18.5 inch total length.

    Bracelet is matching to the necklace with 8 balls and 8.5 inch length, also with secure clasp.

    The earrings are my favorite part to the set, each with a ball to match necklace and bracelet, but an ornate setting above for movement. The gold plated screwback settings has an oval damascene setting in front with loop below on which the dangle is attached. Just over 1.5 inches in length.

    Damascening is the art of inlaying different metals into one another—typically, gold or silver into a darkly oxidized steel background—to produce intricate patterns similar to niello. The English term comes from a perceived resemblance to the rich tapestry patterns of damask silk.

    The technique has a long history in Japan, where it was used to decorate katana fittings. Damascened inlay jewelry, especially of Japanese origin, is sometimes referred to as shakudo from the use of that alloy as the dark background. The technique of niello is also famously attested in prehistoric Greece. The earliest occurrence of damascening in the Aegean, from the Shaft Graves of Mycenae, dates to the latest Middle Bronze Age, Middle Helladic IIIB period. Cities that are known for a rich history in Damascening where the technique is still practiced are Malaysia, Indonesia, Toledo, Spain, Eibar, Basque Country and Kyoto, Japan.

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