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Idrian Lace Tablecloth and Napkins

  • Exquisite vintage Idrian lace and embroidered formal banquet tablecloth with 2 sets of napkins. Elegant dining at its best! This came from the estate of a family with long lines to Italy.

    The basic fabric is a very sheer, loosely woven cotton muslin. Idrian lace is also cotton and extensive throughout the tablecloth. The set has a warm, ivory white color tone with darker ecru accent embroidery including fine shadow work.

    The tablecloth measures 100 x 64 inches.

    There are 12 formal dining napkins with the same embroidery and lace corners.
    Napkins are 16 x 16 inches

    There are 12 cocktail napkins with just the ecru flower embroidery.
    Napkins are 8 x 8 inches square.

    Idrian lace

    See my blog page Idrian Lace for more photos and information on the lace:


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