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Frank Whipple Signed Lithograph, Whipples Wimples

  • Wonderful, Whimsical Frank Whipple's Wimples original limited edition litho print titled and signed. Print is numbered 225/1000. Print is matted and framed. Print size is about 6" with border. This print was taken from Frank Whipple's oil on board painting titled "Mea Culpa"

    In the early 1960s, after turning his amateur enthusiasm for painting into a vocation, he began producing the small-scale works he called “Whipple’s Wimples.” Executed in oil on board, on a miniature scale of appx. 5 inches by 5 inches, they depicted groups of nuns, always seen from behind, in comic situations: playing tick-tack-toe on a wall, Reaching for a hidden bottle of wine atop a latter while the Cardinal is looking on ( Cardinal Rules), smoking cigarettes furtively behind a barn, Drinking wine in a cellar, on the moon, etc. There are always subtle nuances in the art. For instance in this one, the Cardinal is in a chair looking out on the ocean as a fairly nude young woman walks of the nuns is pointing at him and whispering to the others....

    Mr. Whipple's works of art have been owned by many celebrities including Frank Sinatra, and Phyllis Diller, etc.

    With the artist Connie King, Mr. Whipple opened the King-Whipple Gallery in Beverly Hills in the late 1960s, which is where my parents purchased their paintings. . It closed in the early 1970s. 

    Mr Whipple died last year at 93.

    This is from my personal collection, and has been on display. I am in the beginning process of downsizing my collection.



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