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Selling and SEO: Sparrow Salvage - Etsy

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    February 10, 2016 10:06 PM EST

       One of the many many reasons you need to promote yourself off Etsy!!!!! This is why I created the village, so that we had exposure beyond our collective venues. Not only do we connect vintage but we do it on all the important social outlets and each time you add items here, it's getting indexed. Although this is about Etsy, it's really about getting your vintage items found on the web. 

    Snippet of Article ...


    It's New Year's Day for me here today so this is the perfect post to bring in the new and mega-awesome amazeballs that is 2016. Everyone I talk to is pumped for the new year, but if selling handmade is part of that pumped up-ness (as it is for me) you need to have a plan so it's more than just inner fizz. I'm making my new year's resolutions and 'personal 2016 battle plan' tonight. In the meantime... read this. It is a hard road and you might get overwhelmed, so I have presented with LOLs as sugar for the medicine.


    Recently there’s been a bit of a furore in the Etsy forums - in case you’re unaware, many sellers are of the opinion Etsy ‘changed something’ in the last few months that’s put in place a death knell on their shops views (and consequently sales). There are many who say they haven’t felt an effect, but there are many many more who say they have. Of course it’s more likely for people to post and complain about it affecting them - not many people are going to make a point of coming to the forums just to say they’re doing fine. However, a lot of the shops reporting massive do


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    March 12, 2016 11:45 AM EST

    Hi Lora- I am new to The Vintage Village and on-line selling, but already learning a lot from your generous sharing of information. This article is interesting although I am on Bonanza, not Etsy. Would you have a moment to explain to this old gal what you mean by items being added here getting indexed? Thank you!


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    March 12, 2016 11:58 AM EST

    Sure!!!! :)

    When you sell something on-line... the goal is to get your items into search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

    In order for that to happen, serach engines scan the web for words that match what people are searching for via their engine.

    If a buyer is looking for a pearl necklace, the search engines scan the web for words that match that. Well.... there are gazillions of results. So search engines have to filter or narrow down what are the best matches. There are many things that factor into this.

    One of the biggest factors is how recent the match to pearl necklace is.

    If someone adds a listing for a pearl necklace, and 6 months go by, that listing is now PAGES and pages deep on a search engine. People tend to go for the top results.

    So when you add your item here from what ever venue you sell from, you are now increasing the odd of your item ending up as a result.

    Our village concentrates only on AVC items so if someone types in vintage pearl necklace, the more items we add here as a group, the closer you get to the top of the results in search engines.

    We socially network to help get you indexed... :)

    It's really 100 times more complex then that, but the bottom line is that by being on a social network, you increase your odds of having your items found. The more folks that join and list, the more the entire site gets indexed and that is good for everyone... :)

    Welcome to our village!