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Etsy Search Solution + Sales

  • February 15, 2016 8:25 AM EST

    I was curious why one week my sales on Etsy would come 3-4 days in a row and then nothing for days.  This cycle has been repeating itself for a while.  I came across this blog and it was interesting as to why...and what to do about it. It is a long read so make sure you grab a cup of coffee!

    I'm  always wondering where to best spend my time beyond just listing.  Please share your ideas and comments!


    Clara's Chic Boutique

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    February 18, 2016 5:59 PM EST

    I did manage to read the entire article all in one although it made my head hurt. Many of the observations do ring true.

    I have noted this on/off sales volume which appears to make no sense. I sell a very niche product (vintage hair accessories) and of course there are other Etsy shops who have these items and even one or two who specialise. But they dont have my product breadth and volume and dare I say it - they dont have my years of expertise in the subject (over 40).

    What the article did not really pursue was that in their desperation to get well placed in search more and more sellers are using promoted listings and upping their budgets to bid with. This, of course, makes more money for Etsy. Indeed they acknowledged that providing sellers services was not more profitable to them than listing fees. More recently they also announced they are rolling out more tools in this respect, Clearly it is in Etsy's interest to have sellers spending money on promoted searches and other "paid" facilities. So it would also be in their interest to formulate manipulative search strategies which facilitate this.

    An interesting experience is to view ones own listings in search using a VPNS and log in as a "guest" from servers in different parts of the world.