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Photo Editing Software - Picasa - Google Photos Backup

  • February 15, 2016 9:59 PM EST

    Please Help! I use Google Picasa to edit all my photos, it's easy, it works for me and then I can export a single listing’s pics to its own folder and easily find them in one place to relist or add to a different venue, Facebook and so on. 

    The Rant:

    So I woke up 2 days ago and they are ALL GONE, am I still dreaming?  No, no I’m not and neither is my Computer Networking Engineer husband who says they are GONE and unrecoverable (first time he ever broke my heart).  Okay my fault, I wasn’t running backup on those files – nice to know now.

    Any who…while looking to blame someone else or at the very least find out who took them (corruptly is my guess), I find that Picasa is going away March 15, 2016, no more support (wait there wasn’t any).  They will remain but no updates and yada yada…

    Here’s the gist of it if interested:,2817,2499250,00.asp

    Now I find Google wants it’s Picasa desktop users to move to Google Photos Backup instead.

    So I said okay (before the theft) and agreed and all kinds of things were going on and I was still using Picasa because Google Photos Backup ( Exported Folder Theives, I'm sure)  just looked stupid and there was no way to name pics and so on. I'm done. 

    Anyway I’m starting from scratch, I’ll spend a little but not like $1000 on software, yet.

    Please reply with what works for you in a photo editing software I’m going shopping!


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  • February 16, 2016 7:47 AM EST

    In the news:  Picasa isn't going away, i'ts being killed off.

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    February 16, 2016 12:46 PM EST

    As far as pictures for my online stores, I just use Microsoft Picture Manager and save them to a folder on my desktop.  My folder includes folders for each of my categories and /or brand.  I name each picture and save it to the appropriate folder within my Online Store Merchandise folder.  For my stores and most other places, I can pull the photo from my computer.  In those cases where I can't and need a url address I use picturetrail - but there just aren't many places that you need to use a url address.

    I usually only use a few things in editing a pic - crop, color (if it has too much yellow), brightness/contrast and rotate a little to get it straight.  I don't use all of these all the time.  I have not had any problems doing this