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beautiful photo setups help sell

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    July 31, 2015 11:27 PM EDT

    posted by RC Antiques Latest Web Shop Update  2-18-2014


    Hello everyone, RC Antiques is now a verified business page on Pinterest.

    I am learning many things as I begin this new venture of selling items without a site platform such as ebay, etsy or Ruby Lane.

    I have always had my RC Antiques registered as a domain. 
    I am registered with Go Daddy, which I highly recommend, and register your domain under business so it will come up in Google etc better.

    But, there have been many changes since the days when I did Shop Talk videos.
    Some good, some, not so good.

    Today, let's talk about Pinterest.

    Why is it the success it is?
    Photos appeal more than words and eventually a photo with a link to where you can buy the item, leads to a sale.

    Be sure to register as a business on Pinterest and to get the best results, be sure to verify your business via Pinterest so your shop's items will show up in Pinterest search.

    After almost 2 weeks of trying to get my shop verified, thanks to Weebly ( where I created my web store ), GoDaddy where I have my domain, and last but not least, thanks to Pinterest's patience and help, I am now a verified shop on Pinterest.

    This gives me access to my Pinterest Analytics, which will reveal to me, what people like as far as what I share on Pinterest and how much traffic am I really getting there.

    Next, and this will be a major turn around for me to for Pinterest...make them fabulous, appealing, the kind of photos a viewer will want to click on.
    That's right folks, it's back to the drawing board for me.
    Although I loved the remove the back round feature Ruby Lane has introduced to their site, , it really does not get those clicks, unless show with something that catches the least , that is what appears best for posting on Pinterest.

    My mannequins will be in full attire again, and my photos will look more like a magazine spread than a blank back round.

    2 thumbs up to etsy that has always enjoyed the creativity of their sellers...look in magazines and see, no items are ever just an item, it's always with a set up.

    So, I will be enjoying my photography again, creating beautiful colorful, want to see closer photos.

    I will keep everyone posted as to how this goes.

    Thank you everyone for reading my blog.
    Also, if you have any suggestions for my shop, I am always interested in hearing what you have to say.
    Best wishes,

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    August 21, 2016 4:06 PM EDT
    Linda, Due to circumstances it has been an eternity since I sold on line. But, I did keep up with my domains at GoDaddy....I agree with using them also! I am very slowly putting notes, and things together...trying to refresh my memory with many things, and follow changes from time too. I like how you presented your way of selling, and agree with your approach of things from research too. Pinterest is one of the top places recommended for use with your online presence. Weebly has come a ways from what it use to be too. I like how you brought these things together! I never did fully like the blank background for displays of items offered. I got more compliments when I did some small staging of my items then having the blank background. Thanks so much for sharing this, and giving me some things to think about. Good luck to you, and Happy Sales!! Kim ~ LilacsNDreams
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