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Story of Hull Pottery

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    July 31, 2015 11:48 PM EDT

    Posted byEllene Meece  7-13-2013


    “Founded in 1905 by Addis Emmet Hull, Hull Pottery began production in Crooksville, Ohio. The company began by making utilitarian stoneware, semi-porcelain dinnerware and deco tile. By the 1920′s, Hull Pottery had expanded to offices in Chicago and Detroit, a showroom in New York, and even a large warehouse in New Jersey. During this time, the company began to expand its product line to include Hull art pottery, utilizing a larger variety of colors and differing glazing techniques. In 1930, Addis Emmet Hull died and was succeeded by his son Addis E. Hull Jr. In 1937, Jr. left the company and was replaced by Gerald F. Watts. From the 1930′s through the 1950′s, Hull Pottery experienced great progress marked by their most popular line Red Riding Hood, a figural cookie jar introduced in 1943. Hull Pottery’s line expanded to include piggy banks, liquor bottles, and also lamps. The Hull Pottery plant was destroyed on June 19, 1950 in a flood and resulting fire. The company rebounded quickly however and re-opened on January 1, 1952. Through the 50′s and 60′s, Hull Pottery continued to expand with new artistic lines such as Ebb Tide, Continental, Parchment and Pine, and Tokay. During the mid 80′s the company dealt with union strikes and foreign competition and in 1986, Hull Pottery closed their plant.” Hull Pottery. net

    Any popular collectors item is too often imitated! Hull pottery is no different. Basically, identifying genuine pieces of Hull Pottery is knowing marks and the finish details to look for. Click on How to Recognize Authentic Hull Pottery for a check list and information.

    As Hull Pottery is no longer manufactured, it’s collection value has increased. An 8 1/2″ Hull Magnolia Matt Vase on a popular site lists for $150.

    Reference books on Hull Pottery abound. To learn more, these can be a valuable tool for identification and value.

    Happy collecting…in the world of Hull Pottery!