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Who is your customer and why do they buy.

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    August 1, 2015 12:32 AM EDT

    Who is your customer and why do they buy... a real life customer in Russia video

    posted by RC Antques  6-26-2013

    Last month a lady from Russia was interested in some the vintage purses listed in my RC Antiques on Ruby Lane shop. shop.

    Due to the weight of the purses, the shipping was Priority,  rather expensive, but, we were able to make a deal by dividing the shipments into 2 shipments to lower the shipping cost to 1st class international.

    When you work with a customer by exchanging comments back and forth, a good connection between shop owner and client develops. 

    This time, not only did my customer enjoy her visit, but, she actually created a video.

    She wrote via Ruby Lane customer exchange to tell me her video audience love the purses she purchased from me , and gave me the link to the video I am positing here.

    She is speaking in Russian, the 3 purses she purchased from me , were photos that I also posted here...2 black purses and the needlepoint purse.

    It's exciting to see your customer ( she is adorable and I LOVE the jewelry she is wearing ) and even more exciting to see  the items presented by a very happy customer.

    This video makes all shop owners feel wonderful, because we do work hard to give the best we's a lady in Russia, showing these purses right there from her living room, much the same as me when I do videos.

    I know you will enjoy it as much as I did..and you just might see a purse you sold to her too.

    Here's the video,

    Best wishes, Linda