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Art #1 -- Vladimir Makovsky (1846-1920)

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    August 1, 2015 9:11 AM EDT

    posted by Russian Soul Vintage  8-6-2011

    Vladimir Makovsky (1846-1920)

     In the field of genre painting Makovsky has no equal. He unsurpassed master of the short,  bright stories, novellas, master paintings. In his work, he continued and developed the best traditions of the pioneers  of the genre in Russian art. In his numerous paintings Vladimir Makovsky spoke and showed the lives of nearly all  social groups and classes in Russia. Here, merchants, officials, nobles of all  ranks and conditions; Various intellectuals and working people -  artisanscraftsmen and peasantsburghers and inhabitants of different ages and  charactersclerks, servants and lackeys, beggars, vagrants and convicts, soldiers and gendarmesAll  these people depicted in pictures, live and operate in the most familiar and characteristic atmosphere, but the artist has  always skillfully chose the moment of actionwhen most fully reveal human characterhuman relationships, their  social position.



    Self-Portrait (1893)                                             Four Hands (1889)


     A talented artist, sharply peering into the life around him, deeply compassionate human grief and joy, he created  many paintings that tell all about the fate of ordinary people. Almost half a century appeared annually at the shows new  works by Makovsky, and people always enjoyed his paintings with the same attention, waiting for  them impatiently. Actual content, often involving stinging questions of the day, they were always very clear to the  public. life of its creative and social activities aimed at awakening thought and civicconsciousness. As an artist, he is  a  prominent representative of critical realism in art.


                                                          The Village Children (1880) 


     Makovsky has worked extraordinarily long and hardhis workshop was full of sketches albums various types and  stages. In people who posed for him, he could tell  the entire history of life: he  knew their peculiaritiesidiosyncrasiesbiography. Images of his genre paintings are very  different, but always characterized and typical. Contemporaries of Makovsky convey an interesting  fact, when an foreign artist, astonished variety of types of pictures Makovsky, asked him to show his sittersMakovsky,  showing the foreigner in a noisy street, said: "These are my sitters".



                    The Joint Pleasure (1896)                                      Fisherman (1899)


     Biography of Vladimir Makovsky -- Wikipedia

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    What a great mini-blog! It's like an Art Appreciation course at our fingertips. Lovely. Thanks so much for posting!