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Jade Glass: A short explanation

  • August 9, 2015 4:43 AM EDT

    Jade glass is an opaque green glass which is intended to look like jade. Some very beautiful art glass pieces have been produced in jade glass, with each glass works having its own characteristic shades of green. Indeed, Frederick Carder even developed a complex three layered amethyst glass that he termed "Plum Jade Glass".

    Jade glass has a slight translucence, and went by the technical name "uranium moonstone glass" in the glass works. It contained 0.34% uranium trioxide, which gave the glass its green colouring. Jobling's jade glass was more expensive to produce than the coloured art glass which they made briefly in the 1930's. It was sold at the same higher prices as were applied to their opalescent glass, and was made in most of the same designs.

    Frederick Carder produced pieces in the 1930's in a rich emerald green that he called "Jade Green". Davidson's of Gateshead, England, offered "jade glass" as well as "cloud glass" and coloured glass in almost all their 1930's shapes. Their "jade green" was a fairly dark quite easily recognizable shade.

    Opaque green glass which we now call "Jade glass" has been made for over 150 years. The Baccarat factory in France produced a form of jade glass coloured by means of uranium in the second half of the last century, and it was also produced in Bohemia.

    Almost every factory producing glass in the USA today has a version of jade glass. This includes Fenton, Boyd, Anchor Hocking (Fire-King jadeite) and many others.

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    August 9, 2015 12:02 PM EDT

    Very interesting.  I had to look up the 'plum jade glass' - it is gorgeous.  Thanks Ken