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    August 24, 2015 11:44 PM EDT

    Who can use the Forums?


    - Any member of the village.


    How is the system set up?


    - There are two Forum Sections. The Main Forum. The AVC Forum


    - Each forum section has Categories


    - Each file folder on the left of the forums represents a category with a title (in blue) and brief description.


    - Inside each category are discussions also known as threads.


    - Each thread has an opening topic (OP for short) that will begin the discussion.


    - Authors can edit the OP at any time. The system will make a notation if an edit is made, showing the time and date. Responders to the OP can also edit their replies.


    - The tool bar allows you to do a variety of things, adding images, picking fonts and colors and so on. Hover over each tool to see what they are. The tool icon will turn blue and name the what it is, letting you know you can pick that function. 



    Can I use the forums to sell items?

    - NO. The forums are for sharing information. You can add images that help to identify. All selling must be done via our exclusive Diamond Club Membership, which offers a free 90 day trial period to experience our selling sections. 


    Are the Forums moderated?


    - Yes. The names of the moderators will appear at the top of each category. Click on their names to go to their page. We rarely have a problem but note that moderators can edit and delete if need be. Threads can also be closed to new replies.


    Can I search the forums?


    - Yes. For a quick overview, we provide a short list of the most recent replies and a short list of the most recent topics. These are located on the Landing Page of the site for the public to see, and on the Home Page for signed in members. That is your best method for keeping up to date.


    - If you need to search deeper, you can use the search bar by typing key words or phrases.


    Can I follow a thread?


    - Yes. At the top right of a thread is an icon that says Watch Topic. This will alert you to new replies via a no-reply message, sent to the personal email you used to join our village. You can also stop watching the topic.  


    Can I reply directly to another reply?


    - Yes. On each reply you see, at the top right corner is an icon that says Quote. Click on that and the system will open a new reply box with the entire quote.


    - You can eliminate some wording so you don't have to have the entire quote, but instead just respond to something specific a member said.This is very useful if you are replying out of order, say from something posted long ago or pages into the discussion. You don't need to use the quote function if you are the next logical reply below what you want to reply to.

    - There is a natural flow to threads and the quote feature should be used only when a reply would seem out of place in the flow of things. Use your judgement to decide if it's needed.


    Are the Forums Public?


    - Yes. You do not have to be a member to read any of the content in our forums.


    - Our Village is indexed by all of the search engines out there, which means anytime someone wants to look up information related to vintage or selling on-line for example, any words that match a searchers query can end up as a result on that search engines system.


    - Many people come to our village when researching, so adding information here helps you as a seller to get your name out there on the web and helps bring traffic to our site as a whole.


    Is there a private forum?


    - We do not provide a private section in the forums.


    - We do have a private group called Shop Keepers Corner that is open to any seller (they do not have to be a Diamond Club Member). It is not indexed by any search engine. We use this group to discuss topics related to selling and use of the village as a promotional tool. 


    *** Please note that any words you see that are Light Blue in color, are live links that you can click on.



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    August 2, 2016 4:25 PM EDT

    The simple version....

    - Pick a Forum (there are only two)

    - Pick a Category (file icons)

    - View Topics (page icons) 


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