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Our url is still the same... but this is a whole new website that is 10 times better then Ning ever was!


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    • Price $42.00
    • Location Gainesville, Georgia 30506 [map]
    • Country United States
    Perched on your wall this little wise owl dispenses your string and holds your scissors for cutting your desired length. Your ball of string, yarn or twine is hidden in his back and he borrows your scissors for eyeglasses. Made of ceramic porcelain pottery. He has earth tone coloring of reddish brow...
    • Price $35.00
    • Location New Jersey [map]
    • Country United States
    This lovely vintage bracelet signed,Trifari, with the crown over the T, is fashioned in an openwork, braided design featuring beautiful creamy pearls and tiny clear rhinestones. It has a fold-over lock and is finished in a soft antique gold tone. It measures 7 1/4" in length and !/2" in width. A cla...
    • Price $145.00
    • Location New Jersey [map]
    • Country United States
    This perfect parure comprised of a necklace, brooch and clip earrings is signed TRIFARI and comes in mint condition. Featuring a lovely seashell and starfish motif, it arrives just in time for the summer beach season. The design incorporates creamy enamel seashells interspersed with brushed gold ton...
    • Price $65.00
    • Location New York [map]
    • Country United States
    Vintage 1930s sheet and 2 pillowcases. All with perky purple and yellow crochet lace butterfly trim and hemstitching in the same purple yellow combo. I have washed and sunned these but never ironed the set. No holes or stains. When I originally bought these they were part of a trousseau and had neve...
    • Price $75.00
    • Location New York [map]
    • Country United States
    1930s bed ensemble in swooshy satin embroidered fabric. Set includes full one piece bedspread and a set of cream satin dresser doilies. I vaguely remember the woman I bought it from telling me it was their wedding set and used for the 1 night only. The blue is a deep cobalt blue. The top spread edge...
    • Price $175.00
    • Location New York [map]
    • Country United States
    Etsy: 1920s complete wedding bedroom trousseau ensemble: bedspread for double bed, matching bolster, heart shaped pillow, 2 runners, 4 doilies. This ensemble was used only once and forever stored away. The couple was...
    • Price $32.00
    • Location Gainesville, Georgia 30506 [map]
    • Country United States
    Pansy Flower Basket Brooch Enamel Bouquet Blue Seed Bead Wired Silver Tone A gorgeous brooch with an overflowing basket of enamel pansy flowers topped by a bow. So pretty, the flowers are enameled in tones of blue, purple and peach with green leaves. Blue glass seed beads are wired throughout. The...
    • Price $50.00
    • Location Ann Arbor, Michigan [map]
    • Country United States
    The 2-strand bead choker was a cornerstone of vintage style, and some of the loveliest examples came from Vendôme.  This necklace is no exception: chunky found beads in white plastic liberally spattered with pink, goldtone and the occasional splash of blue, alternating with faceted glass ...
    • Price $365.00
    • Location Minnesota [map]
    • Country United States Mid Century Lucite Grape Swag Lamp. This one is special! 3 large bunches of grapes hanging from different lengths of chain from a beautiful ornate center connection from 3 separate arms.
    • Price $8.00
    • Location Cincinnati, OH [map]
    • Country United States
    Old metal pie tin, with 'Return to Kirk' stamped iton the bottom center. There are thin vertical ridges along the inner edge of this pan to encourage a rustic appearance in the baked pie, if removed from the pan after baking. 8" x 1 1/2" (20 x 4 cm.)