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Hello Everyone! :) If you are relatively new to our Village, last Spring, the site we host our Village with (Ning) made some major changes in the way things are set up here. One of the features they added was the ability to have more then one Photo…

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A Silly Story........

Example Jane posted: Mr Smith Ellen Posted: went to Paul posted: the zoo Joe posted: where he Kim posted: saw a Henry posted: blue bird. Lora posted: The bird Donna posted: was not Suzy posted: in a Frank posted: good mood. ONLY POST TWO WORDS

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Love this NON bombshell softer image of Marilyn.…

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Vintage iPad?…

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Wow... I know just the person for this....…

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Depends on what you are smoking for this to be true.... lol…

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I swear this is not a joke... liverwurst pineapple ... people really did drink too much on the…

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Too cute!!! What a great collectible item!…

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Loving this design!!!…

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This man is crazy ... but in a good way!!!!

Coming soon from the…

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I love the light fixture!!!…

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Hello Vintage Sellers... This is an open invitation to come and set up a FREE Profile Page on…

Mary Tipping posted a photo
Vintage very small, 4 inch (10.2 cm), BOVANO enamel on copper dish, tray, shallow bowl, decorated w…
16 hours ago
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This is a vintage Nosheri kitsch vegetable snack serving tray platter.The tray is large measuring 1…
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