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Let's see how many of you know what this is

Funny answers Welcome!!!

Answer is on page 2

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I know what it is but not sure if I should spoil it. d

It is connected to rain or sun. 

I'm pretty sure  know what it is, should I say?  

If you know it you can say but I will not give the answer until we have more guessers... :)

Yep, I know too... :-)

umbrella stand

An umbrella stand

It is a  tool holder for the fireplace. I think its called an Andiron or something like that.

It also could be a holder for necklaces, yeah the big ones!

How about a manicure stand.  You put your arms in the rings and your friend picks up the buffing brush and buffs your nails for you.  Who wants to be my friend?  LOL

Is it "happy hour"? Wine bottle holder.  You can tell I don't drink :)

It could be repurposed to hold hand towels for the bathroom.  I think it originally was used to hold fireplace tools.

Oh wow I like the hold hand towel for the bathroon - I have to go find one now - but I agree fireplace tools.

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